Automic Vehicle Location System

Q: What do I need to run your system?
A: Our AVL system is internet based. This makes it very easy to install and operate. You will need to have Internet access from your MDT systems that can connect to our site. Our mapping system is internet based so you only need to have Microsoft Internet Explorer to view the vehicles online.

Q: Can I pilot test your system?
A: Definitely! Nothing sells this system faster than to have a customer use it for a month.

Q: Do we need an expensive server to run your system?
A: Since our system is internet based we store all the data for you on our secure server farms. We also handle all backup and archiving of GPS data.

Q: What kind of GPS devices do you work with?
A: We interface to anything that is NMEA and TAIP. So long as the device can be hooked to the Laptop in the car, or enabled to send data to the internet, you can use our system.

Q: How secure is your system?
A: We use SSL with 128 bit encryption to guarantee the security of your data.

Q: Where can I view the map?
A: Most customers run the AVL maps in the MDT’s and also in Dispatch. Any place that can connect to the internet can have access to the AVL maps.

Q: Can we share our live maps with another agency?
A: Yes, we can create an AVL group that would allow you to share your data online with another community.

Q: Can we pay for your system with a PO?
A: Yes. Our focus is municipalities. We understand the need to work with purchase orders.

Q: Can we limit the access to certain functions by login?
A: Yes, users can be limed to only certain functions by login.

Q: Can we use this system if we don't have MDTs?
A: Yes, we can interface to trunk mounted systems.

Inter-Department Messaging

Q: How do we setup messaging with another agency?
A: Each agency will need to be a member of After that you will need to send us and e-mail, then we can setup a messaging group for you

Q: Do you keep logs for the messages sent?
A: Yes. Everything sent and received is logged and kept by us.