About Department-Online.com

Department-Online.com is a composite of over 50 years experience in the field of public safety technology, specifically computer systems and software. Utilizing the latest development tools for software design, Department-Online.com has been able to produce state of the art applications, fully web integrated which gives the system a clean user interface and ensures compatibility for future requirements.

We recognize the cost of an application not only in terms of initial cost, but also the investment in resources. Our applications have been engineered on a platform of standard industry conventions. What this means to the user is that resources to support and maintain the system are and will be available to the client if need be.

It is no longer acceptable to present a one size fits all application. These applications must meet the unique needs of the user and have the flexibility to conform to future needs. Future expansions for many departments have included Mobile Data options, state and federal reporting and data exchange.

We at Department-Online.com have been very conscious of the individuality each department has, thus making sure that the development included every avenue for expandability and compatibility that we could include. This has given us the opportunity to pursue relationships with other vendors.

Our goal at Department-Online.com Systems is the consistent quality of our product and support. We have established excellent relationships with our users and encourage their input for future development of enhancements and upgrades. The source code is supplied to the customer as well. We have chosen to implement "controlled managed growth" within our organization which allows us to keep our main focus on continuing to provide excellent customer service.